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Rose Blume has a secret, and she’s kept it for six long years. It’s the reason she’s convinced herself she’ll have to find her joy making wedding dresses, and not wearing one.

Fashion design icon Joseph Digiavoni crosses paths with Rose for the first time since their summer romance in Florence years before, and all the old feelings for her come rushing back. Not that they ever really left. He’s lived with her image since she returned to England.

Joseph and Rose are plunged into working together on the wedding outfits for the upcoming Rathbone / Blume wedding. His top client is marrying Rose’s sister. But will this task prove too difficult, especially when Joseph is anxious for Rose to admit why she broke up with him in Italy and what she’d done in the months that followed?

One person holds the key to happiness for them all, if only Rose and Joseph trusted that the truth would set them free. When they finally do bare their secrets, who has the most to forgive?

“I absolutely loved it. Couldn’t put it down. This fantastic story made me want to fall in love all over again. It combined haute couture and romance, quite a heady combination for any girl. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.” — Nicole Taylor, Author, Amazon review

“Marion Ueckermann’s stories have a way of wiggling right into the soft spot of your heart and making you feel right at home with the characters. “A Romance for Rose” is refreshing, the characters’ magnetic personalities keep you reading and rooting for the fairy tale ending. This story gets five endearing stars.” — Rose, Amazon review


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When Rafaele and Jayne meet again two years after dancing the night away together in Tuscany, is it a matter of fate or of faith?

After deciding to take a six-month sabbatical, Italian lawyer Rafaele Rossi moves from Florence to Tuscany, resigned to managing the family farm for his aging nonna after his father’s passing. Convinced a family get-together is what Nonna needs to lift her spirits, he plans an eightieth birthday party for her, making sure his siblings and cousins attend.

The Keswick jewelry store where Jayne Austin has worked for seven years closes its doors. Jayne takes her generous severance pay and heads off to Italy—Tuscany to be precise. Choosing to leave her fate in God’s hands, she prays she’ll miraculously bump into the handsome best man she’d danced the night away with at a friend’s Tuscan wedding two years ago. She hasn’t been able to forget those smoldering brown eyes and that rich Italian accent.

Jayne’s prayers are answered swiftly and in the most unexpected way. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s a guest not only at Isabella Rossi’s birthday party, but at Villa Rossi too.

When Rafaele receives what appears to be a valuable painting from an unknown benefactor, he’s reminded that he doesn’t want to lose Jayne again. After what he’s done to drive her from the villa, though, what kind of a commitment will it take for her to stay?

“This book made me feel that I had personally visited the beautiful Tuscan Valley, tasted the delicious food, and learned some of the language. Well-developed and intriguing characters who struggle with guilt, mistakes that rob them of their joy as well as their loved ones, and the emptiness of missing a father’s love and involvement in their lives. That’s Amore is the perfect start to this series, with a mystery that will make the reader anxious to read the next book and discover more. LOVED this book!” — Becky Smith

“In That’s Amore, Marion Ueckermann takes the romance reader on a delightful journey showcasing the lush land of Tuscany. In this compelling read, suave Rafaele Rossi romances Jayne Austin (how’s that for a name?), amongst a colorful family harboring secrets. With love sizzling in the pizza-scented air, this novel was one I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.” —  Jan Elder, Author of the Moose Creek series

“That’s Amore by Marion Ueckermann is a delightful contemporary Christian romance. It is the first book in the A Tuscan Legacy series—a nine book multi-author series which has started so full of promise. With wonderful descriptive passages, the Tuscan countryside really comes to life in glorious 3D. I could “see” the landscape and almost “feel” the heat. Once again Marion Ueckermann has drawn fully rounded and likable characters that weave their way into the readers’ hearts. A big fan of all Marion Ueckermann’s books, I was delighted to see some familiar faces. It felt like I was catching up with old friends. That’s Amore is wrapped up with satisfaction for the reader with a feel-good ending to leave you smiling.” — Julia Wilson, Book Reviewer at Christian Bookaholic