Short Stories

The One Year Devotional Of Joy And Laughter

By Mary Hollingsworth


Another devotional from the best-selling One Year line, The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter is specifically designed to brighten your day with laughter and joy. Joy is a special type of happiness. Each one of us needs to and should create habits in our lives that encourage us to look on the bright side of our circumstances and see the goodness in what God has given us. This devotional is a daily joy break―something all of us need.

My two stories in this collection are Flipflops and Mountain Streams (May 4) and Birthday Bloopers (June 19).

“Life has become complicated and even worrisome. It is a terrific thing to have a book at our fingertips that allows us to see moments of joy waiting to be noticed. It is a gift we give ourselves when we take a moment to read and grow.”

— Sandy, Amazon review

“This book is really fun! It is short, yet each story is packed with laughs and encouragement. The title truly lives up to its name. Highly recommend!”

— John Dehnart, Amazon review
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